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G-string, Brazilian and high-cut http://www.bitittan.com on trend for this summer. IT’S the cheeky summer beachwear trend that leaves little to the imagination but some parents http://www.pupms.com horrified. After being seen on the famous derrières of social media megastars such as Kim Kardashian West and Bella Hadid, G-string, Brazilian and high-cut http://www.suitunderwear.com has become the No. 1 swimsuit trend followed by teenage kids looking to emulate their idols. Psychologist Michael Carr Gregg believes the trend is “dreadful” for young women’s body confidence. “The key message this looks sends to them is you have to be hot and sexy to wear something like this and it adds to the objectification of women,” he said. But Bondi Bather designer Kerry Cusack said curvy stars wearing itsy bitsy bikinis and showing their cellulite sent a positive message. “It gives younger girls the confidence to wear whatever style swimwear they want irrespective of shape or size,” she said. Brazilian Amanda Cardoso, 21, said she had been going to Snapper Rocks almost every day since the holidays started. “The small bikini is very popular at the moment. I’m Brazilian so that’s normal for us,” she said.